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About Viktoria Nikitina 

This story takes its beginning long before I was born. I am going to start with the fact that I was born in a family where all women sewed. My grand-grandmother, my mom, and my aunts all were professional tailors. Those were the times when the industry of clothing production was very undeveloped and many men and women went to tailors for the ability to follow international fashion trends as well as to find the better fit of existing clothes. My mother was famous and successful in that industry and I was growing up among the pieces of beautiful fabrics, mannequins, and sketches of beautiful dresses.


The first dress I sewed for myself from A to Z, was when I was 7 years old and I took my first order from a client when I was 16 and received my first money for my work. I liked what I was doing and I decided to dedicate my life to it. Then I graduated from university and got the profession of “Fashion Designer for Women’s Clothing”. I started working as a sewing technology supervisor at the same university. A few years later I received a position in the Central Fashion House, as the general manager of the department of public services. I accepted clients, recognized their desires, made sketches, and gave them orders to work. In parallel, I was engaged in creative work at home, drew a lot and created my own clothing line, and also sewed custom-made products for my clients. There were a lot of custom-made wedding dresses. In the fashion house where I worked, fashion shows of various designers were constantly held. I received an invitation to participate in one of them. I did not think for a long time how to surprise the public, in a dream I had an idea to make a collection for children, because my daughter was growing up! I did it, and She became the main model. It was a success! The collection was called "East-West." I used oriental fabrics and accessories in a modern style.

There was a change in my life, and I moved to the United States, then my second daughter was born, and for a while, I stayed at home, but I kept sewing for friends and acquaintances. Then I met a very popular dressmaker of wedding dresses in Raleigh, and we began to work together under her name. I did not come out from behind the curtain and nobody knew about me. I am an ambitious person and I wanted to grow and be recognizable. I went to an interview with one of the most famous wedding salons in the center of Raleigh and got a position as a dressmaker. I was pleased with my work, and the customers were pleased with me! For almost 7 years, I enjoyed the happy customers, we together had tears of happiness in the final fitting... I would continue to work .... but in the meantime, my eldest daughter graduated from the University with a degree in a Business relationship ”and she told me:“ Mom, I think you can make your brides happier by creating your own business, so they can get the same result, saving the third person on the air price! ”I suppose my daughter became an adult and studied well at the university. She offered to help me organize everything. And here I am with YOU...


The design, design of the dress, and sewing is all my life. The family is a husband and two daughters, the eldest is an aspiring businesswoman, and the youngest, by the way, is an aspiring designer!

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